Blueprints and Designs for Steel Structures and Metalwork Projects

Designers with sound technical expertise

Equipped with high-performance technology and cutting-edge expertise, Métal Laurentide’s designers create scaled blueprints and drawings of steel and manufactured metal components with the utmost precision.

Our designers have the experience, technology, and expertise to quickly and accurately produce drawings of the various components that will be manufactured and installed.

Our goal is to offer a custom, turnkey design service. Our specialized team will produce steel structure and metalwork blueprints as well as project assembly techniques beyond compare.

Drawings and blueprints: a turnkey service

Our mission at Métal Laurentide is to cater to client needs by providing a professional, friendly service as well as reliable communication. Our various departments work hand in glove to provide a tailor-made service to meet your needs.

Experience the difference

With over 50 years’ experience in the miscellaneous steel industry, Métal Laurentide has developed innovative proficiency in drawing, industrial design, and construction. Driven by a new challenge, our team will gladly execute any project with a sense of purpose and renewed quality standards.